Lightweight Cladding and Fire Rated Wall Systems

Lightweight Wall Cladding

This lightweight wall cladding has amazing insulation properties and is more robust than you might think! With space being limited these days when renovating quite often people are finding they need to go up instead of out and that is where this product shines.


The alternative used can be cement sheet / blue board but Lightweight wall cladding systems are heavier to install and even if you follow all the proper installation requirements the joints still move and crack as the joint is limited by the thickness of the sheet (typically 7.5mm).

Lightweight Cladding System: Quality Design and Architecture

A lightweight Cladding System in construction is the process of applying one layer of material above another to provide weather resistance, thermal insulation, and also to improve the appearance and design of buildings.


Our lightweight Cladding System is perfect to deliver on our customer’s requests because we at Vicrender understand our customer’s taste and are always ready to give a service as per their expectation.

We are unique in the market because our lightweight Cladding System is known to have amazing insulation properties.

Polystyrene Wall Cladding

We have been a trusted polystyrene wall cladding suppliers in the market for over 20 years and our lightweight wall cladding has been accredited as the best cladding for homes by our prestigious clients. The trust of our clients in our quality products has enabled us to emerge as one of the leading polystyrene wall cladding suppliers on the market.

People these days prefer lightweight cladding systems, which involves the use of the product like EPS or polystyrene. Polystyrene is preferred by most of our customers because it consists of joints that are anywhere between 50-100mm for standard applications, which gives a greater surface area that is glued together, and also the polystyrene cladding installation rate is very reasonable.

Vicrender: The Qualified Polystyrene Wall Cladding Installer for The Best Cladding For Houses

We are a pioneer in polystyrene cladding installation. Our polystyrene wall cladding systems are characterised by lightweight products, robust insulation, and beautiful architectural designs of the walls.

One should always hire a qualified polystyrene cladding installer for quality installation because they know how to use quality polystyrene with correct screws and washers to avoid any type of problem in the future.

Our qualified polystyrene cladding installers are experts in installing durable polystyrene wall cladding systems , which consists of materials ranges from timber to steel frames, perfect for the properties in Melbourne. Our amazing services have accredited us with up to 10 years of warranty from a Dulux Exsulite cladding system.

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