Polystyrene Wall Cladding Systems

Lightweight Wall Cladding

This lightweight wall cladding has amazing insulation properties and is more robust than you might think! With space being limited these days when renovating quite often people are finding they need to go up instead of out and that is where this product shines.
The alternative used can be cement sheet / blue board but Lightweight wall cladding systems are heavier to install and even if you follow all the proper lightweight wall cladding installation requirements the joints still move and crack as the joint is limited by the thickness of the sheet (typically 7.5mm).
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Lightweight Wall Cladding System: Quality Design and Architecture

A lightweight Cladding System in construction is the process of applying one layer of material above another to provide weather resistance, thermal insulation, and also to improve the appearance and design of buildings.

We offer Rendering services in Melbourne, Australia, Our lightweight Cladding System is perfect to deliver on our customer’s requests because we at Vicrender understand our customer’s tastes and are always ready to give a wall cladding service as per their expectation.

We are unique in the market because our wall cladding systems are known to have amazing insulation Melbourne properties.

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Polystyrene Cladding Installation & Suppliers

We have been a trusted polystyrene wall cladding suppliers Melbourne in the market for over 20 years and our lightweight wall cladding has been accredited as the best cladding for homes by our prestigious clients. The trust of our clients in our quality polystyrene cladding system products has enabled us to emerge as one of the leading polystyrene wall cladding suppliers on the market.

People these days prefer lightweight cladding systems, which involves the use of the product like EPS or polystyrene. Polystyrene is preferred by most of our customers because it consists of joints that are anywhere between 50-100mm for standard applications, which gives a greater surface area that is glued together, and also the polystyrene cladding installation cost is very reasonable.


What Our Rendered Polystyrene Cladding Can Do For You?

Rendering has come a long way from cement rendering services to polystyrene rendering. Polystyrene rendering is a popular option today because of its suitability for almost all kinds of surfaces, including brick, insulation boards, steel frame buildings, breezeblock, and polystyrene insulation sheets.

Our extended polystyrene cladding has met the various needs of the building industry across Victoria for more than 20 years. It is extensively in demand because of its lightweight and insulating characteristics. Moreover, we provide polystyrene house cladding at a low cost.

Our expanded polystyrene system includes insulated panel systems widely used in walls, floors, and roofs of commercial and domestic buildings. It provides an ideal option for civil engineering applications. It possesses an inherent strength that can easily support heavy structures like railways and roadways.

Moreover, we use extended polystyrene in foam rendering. Our rendered polystyrene cladding is also known for offering fabulous thermal performance. It consists of cement-based silicon water repellents, which makes it resistant to moisture and water. You can contact our house rendering specialist for any foam cladding treatment along with its insulation valves for various board thicknesses.

Versatility Of Polystyrene Foam Cladding

The concept of foam cladding is a common practice for wall coating – especially for a two-storey upper deck. Polystyrene foam cladding provides a real advantage for your heavy bricked wall that requires adequate support, as in the upper deck. Much to your delight, we offer foam panels in sheets of standard sizes to achieve the thickness needed for a particular project.

Our foam rendering service provides one of the most effective forms of cladding that you would love to have on the walls of your property. It also extends the longevity of your wall. In addition, our foam cladding is available in different colours and styles to suit your specific project needs. You can contact our rendering specialists to discuss popular styles that complement your new or existing property decor.

Here are some reasons that make our foam cladding treatment so popular and versatile:

  • It offers superior quality finish, consistency, and ease of use on all surfaces – steel frame buildings, bricks, and even polystyrene sheets.
  • It ensures that there will be no risk of any damps developing on blisters.
  • It is known for its lightweight, long-lasting, and moisture resistant properties.
  • It is resistant to any chemical reaction.
  • Being inert, it is highly impervious to mould or pest formation.

Moreover, it provides a budget-friendly option for your project. The foam cladding finishes come at different prices depending on your requirement. Another factor that influences its price is how much per square metre you require the cladding treatment for your property.

It is best to discuss with our specialist before you decide on your budget. It will help us to get a clear idea about the level of work and the cladding resources you require for your task. But we can ensure that you will find our rate very competitive and within your budget.

Vicrender: The Qualified Polystyrene Wall Cladding Installer for The Best Cladding Houses

We are a pioneer in polystyrene cladding installation. Our polystyrene wall cladding systems are characterised by lightweight products, robust insulation, and beautiful architectural designs of the walls.

One should always hire a qualified polystyrene wall cladding installer for quality installation because they know how to use quality polystyrene with correct screws and washers to avoid any type of problem in the future.

Our qualified polystyrene cladding installers are experts in installing durable polystyrene wall cladding systems , which consists of materials ranges from timber to steel frames, perfect for the properties in Melbourne. Our amazing polystyrene cladding
services have accredited us with up to 10 years of warranty from a Dulux Exsulite cladding system.

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Fire Rated Cladding Systems In Australia

Our fire-rated wall cladding is ultra-lightweight. we have years of experience and providing quality fire-rated cladding system solutions for your projects.

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For more information on the installation of polystyrene wall cladding, lightweight wall cladding, polystyrene cladding fire rating, and fire rated wall systems in Australia, please contact Vicrender on 0413 301 016 or [email protected].


Polystyrene cladding is a popular trend in the building industry. It provides a smart option amongst the traditional wall cladding systems, including masonry, concrete, timber, and steel surfaces. In addition, this cladding system is known for providing an insulating, protective, and decorative exterior wall finish that provides a suitable option for any construction project.

Polystyrene wall panels are commonly referred to as Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). It is a closed-cell insulation that is produced by expanding a polystyrene polymer. This insulated wall panel improves the energy efficiency of your project, saving you money and time. It can be applied to any exterior or interior wall assembly supporting both new and retrofit construction work.

Foam cladding has flammable properties. It can pose a risk to a home or building during a fire event. However, Durra Panel is a fire-resistant cladding system that can help you with a safer and more sustainable alternative. Hence, non-compliant use of foam cladding or extended polystyrene can be dangerous as it carries a potential fire risk to your properties.

However, we are the qualified polystyrene wall cladding installer. Our service complies with the safety standard of Australia. You can contact our cladding specialist to know in detail.

Polystyrene rendering is suitable for almost all surfaces, including brick, insulation boards, steel frame buildings, breezeblock, and even polystyrene insulation sheets.

We use a hawk and trowel to apply a 2mm to 6mm thick plyboard render mix to the polystyrene cladding sheets that is light in weight. The application process starts from the bottom, moving upwards. While rendering polystyrene cladding, we ensure not to overwork the area. We generally apply the mix in the 4mm to 6mm layer thickness range to get the best results.

Expanded polystyrene insulation is made of polystyrene foam beads, and it is known for its lightweight characteristics. It provides an ideal option for securing external walls as it comes in the form of rigid foam. In addition, because of its lightweight property, EPS is completely safe to fix to the external wall of your property.

You can get in touch with our expert to find out more about our thermally insulated, protective, and decorative wall insulation procedure that involves the use of polystyrene.

It requires the use of the right materials and techniques to build a fire rated wall for your property. We use fire-resistant materials like brick, stucco, or concrete for exterior wall cladding. However, if you prefer to clad your external wall with vinyl or wooden material, you will not have to worry about their less fire-resistant properties. At Vicrender, our fire rated wall installer knows how to incorporate fire-resistant wallboard on the exterior surface of a wall to make it fire-resistant. You can contact us to learn more about our service.

Fire rated walls within a building restrict the spread of a fire for a certain time period. These fire rated walls provide a building with the ability to limit the impact of a fire.

A fire accident can cause severe damage to the structural components of your building, posing a life risk to the occupants. A fire rated wall acts as a barrier that prevents the fire from spreading quickly and gives the building occupants adequate time to exit safely. Hence a fire rated wall is one of the essential construction features of your property that provides some degree of resistance.

Fire rated walls are primarily required where there are two or more occupancies in one building. It may be either adjacent to one another or above or below each other. The fire rated assemblies for a wall or a floor helps in slowing down the spread of fire from one occupancy to another. It delays the collapse of a building giving its occupants some time to exit safely.

Thus, the installation of a fire rated wall is essential for condos, apartments, townhouses and much more. In addition, the egress area of a building, movie theatre, auditorium hall must have a fire rated wall system.