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Cement Rendering In Melbourne

Vicrender is the time-tested sand and cement render company in Melbourne. We are known for great service, punctuality, and an effective work ethic. Our clients know us for our quality sand and cement render services f commercial as well as residential areas for over 20 years.

Our sand and cement rendering services are considered unique in the Melbourne market because we adopt a strategy to satisfy our clients where we not only take care of their interests but also their budget. We house a team of sand and cement rendering specialists who know how to render a wall with sand and cement or mix sand and cement render.

Moreover, our highly talented and creative team members strive to meet the expectations of our clients on any kind of design suggested by them. We are experts known for suggesting traditional cement rendering designs with flexible and durable finishes to provide a timeless look.

This expertise and dedication have made Vicrender one of Melbourne’s premium rendering contractors who are known for revitalising heritage bricks and block walls.

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Vicrender: The Trusted Cement Rendering Melbourne

Generally, when you look for rendering services, you want to go for those rendering contractors who have gained expertise in both commercials as well as residential services. We are proud to say that we have successfully handled a multiple number of projects in both fields with many years of experience and expertise.

That’s why we are a pioneer in sand and cement rendering services along with other rendering services like the acrylic render. Our highly talented and experienced team members are always working to create a new look for your dream property through our creativity in design, patterns, and finishes as per your requirements.

You can also suggest any of your own designs if you have any. The most unique thing about our sand and cement rendering services is that we can provide durable finishes and flexibility to your traditional rendering without disturbing your budget. Our dedicated professionals also provide lucrative designs for your traditional assets to provide a timeless look.

Moreover, our name is enough to win the trust of our prestigious customers because we never compromise on sand and cement proportion mixed for rendering projects. We use hand-mixed sand and cement products on site. White sands and binders are used to give durability to your dream property.

What Type Of Sand For Render?

Like plastering, rendering is a skill that requires a lot of practice and knowledge to get expertise. So, we will advise you to hire a professional rendering service having sufficient experience. We house a team of sand and cement render specialist who has enough experience and expertise to make you achieve the type of result you want for your property.

We will clean the wall surface well to remove any loose paint, debris, or dust. In addition, we may use a fungicide solution or bleach depending upon your wall’s condition to scrub off mould and remove dirt that may prevent the render from adhering.

The render mix we apply helps form a strong, solid, waterproof surface that will protect and cover the layer below – be it brick, stone, block, or even old render. Hence, we aim to apply a mix that should be strong and durable. We add the required proportion of sharp sand to the mix to increase its strength.

The coarse or sharp sand is grittier than soft or builder sand. We take utmost care to add an appropriate proportionate of sharp sand to reduce the flexibility and enhance the strength of the render. In addition, it protects the render mix from shrinkage, cracking and erosion after being applied.

Can you sand a rendered wall? What sand to use for rendering or what sand for rendering external walls? If these questions are wondering, you can contact our expert to get a detailed explanation and guidance for all your queries.

Mainly, rendering of the external wall requires a similar process as of internal walls. Thus, both the jobs are almost the same, but one complements the interior wall décor, whereas the other enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor environment.

If you hire us, our rendering specialist will discuss with you to understand your requirement and expectations. Then, based on your taste or preference, we will use a correct proportion of soft to sharp sand to prepare a top-quality mix. It will give strength to your wall and protect it from extreme weather conditions and other elements. Call now to have detailed knowledge about sand and cement rendering.

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Yes, we can use sand, cement, and water to create the render mix in a standard ratio. We add the correct amount of water to mix the render with cement and sand. Our primary focus behind render application is to provide you with a strong, solid, and waterproof surface that can cover the layer of stones, bricks, blocks, and old render below. Therefore, we prepare a mix that is strong, even and increases the durability and beauty of your wall surface.

For detailed information on render mix with sand and cement, you can consult our sand and cement rendering specialist.

We mix four parts sharp sand and 1 part cement to make a render mix. We apply the mix to the substrate at a depth of about 10 mm to 15 mm. Though any mix having 3-5 parts sharp sand to 1 part sand is acceptable for most situations, for the period building, we use a lime-based screen as it helps the floor breathe.

Here, we use a standard ratio of 6 parts sand, 1 part lime, and 1 part cement (6:1:1) to create the render mix. However, if we prepare an onsite render mix, we keep in mind to use a standard ratio of sand and cement mix in such a way that it should be at least 20 mm to 25 mm thick. Hence, the quality and capacity of our render depend on the sand type, design mix, and mixing technique.

Though sand and cement render provide an ideal option for some applications, it has become an outdated, low-performance solution. Ever-evolving technology and innovation have given several rendering solutions that can create a high-quality decorative finish on your property. These days, installers, property owners, and civil engineers prefer thin coats, through-coloured renders having a breathable scratch. Contact us to find out more about our wide range of render options.

A sand and cement render are also called a traditional render. It is an early version of a rendering system. The material used for cement and sand rendering are cheap, and you can repair the system easily. The lifespan of sand and cement rendering depends on various factors like weather, maintenance, and the type of surface on which it is applied.

However, the lifespan of cement-based renders is significantly shorter than other rendering systems because cement is more liable to cracking and shrinkage. It may last a couple of years. You can call us to know in detail.