Acrylic Render Vs Cement Render

Acrylic Texture Coat Render

Vicrender is a brand name, famous for providing affordable Acrylic rendering solutions in Melbourne to residential and business properties. We have been known as a leading acrylic texture coat render in the city of Melbourne for over 20 years.

Our high-quality acrylic coat render services are unique and high on demand in the city of Melbourne because we adopt a strategy where we utilise our solid experience, creativity, and expertise along with the modern upcoming technology to satisfy our client’s expectations.


Acrylic Render On Brickwork

As one of the most trusted acrylic render suppliers, we offer the best quality acrylic render products in Perth and other parts of Australia to increase your property’s value. Our acrylic renders on brickwork service is not only exclusive but also affordable. Our job as an exclusive acrylic texture coat render is to use the technology to create a modified version of sand and cement mixed with polymers and additives, which gives more durability and superior flexibility to cement sheets, brickworks, blockwork walls, and polystyrene cladding.

We never compromise on the quality of the product. This is the main reason why we are flourishing with each passing day in the world of Acrylic rendering services in Melbourne, where other companies are struggling hard to take a breath for their survival.

Acrylic Render vs Cement Render Cost: Residential and Commercial Rendering Services in Melbourne

Acrylic Render vs Cement Render: Vicrender work with different types of clients. Some of them prefer sand and cement render to have a traditional look on their walls, whereas some prefer acrylic rendering services to give trendy look to their properties.

We have taken care to satisfy both the interest of our client’s in the best way possible. We have catered a wide range of projects in both of these areas, and today we have emerged as a leading acrylic and cement render in the city of Melbourne.

If you are searching for quality rendering services and not sure which type of render is most suitable for your purpose, we can provide you with guidelines as acrylic render vs cement render, which will also prove why we are unique:

  • It’s a general view that acrylic render is a lot more expensive than cement render, but we are experts in this field also. Vicrender follows a certain business strategy to provide acrylic render also at an affordable price.
  • Acrylic render is more flexible and durable than cement renders, but we have successfully satisfied our client’s interest in this field also by applying our time-tested skills, where we have shown our ability to provide flexible and durable finishes to cement render projects also.
  • As far as design is concerned, the history of our service shows that we have satisfied our clients in both acrylic render vs cement render services by working on an array of designs as per their taste choice within an affordable price range.

Acrylic Render Price

Our acrylic render cost varies from project to project, depending on materials and task size. Our acrylic render products make your render more flexible and much stronger than any other traditional mixes. We have expertise in acrylic render application, and it is much less likely to crack even after long years of use.

When it comes to modern and durable acrylic render services, our team of professional renders can guarantee that it will last anywhere between 20-40 years. Hence, you can rely on our acrylic rendering for your property if you want a durable and attractive exterior finish.

We charge per square metre for an acrylic rendering project. So, you may have to pay somewhere between $30 to $80 per square metre. However, we will strongly recommend not to hire someone offering service at an extremely low price. There are strong chances of getting sub-standard service, which may cost you more in the long term.

Acrylic render service is more expensive than polymer or cement due to its added advantages. It is fast drying, extremely durable, and water-resistant. In addition, we provide acrylic rendering in a wide variety of colours and textures. It generally takes only two days to cure and dry.

The best way of deciding your price for acrylic render is to have a long discussion with our rendering specialist. We can help you with a transparent and honest quote after knowing your project size, task complexity, total hours required, and other specifications.

You must hire our expert service if you want to experience the difference we can make to your property. After servicing the industry for over 20 years, we boast of our established customer base, a wealth of knowledge and an extensive portfolio of work. We can help you with a written quote that is in line with Australian standards. In addition, we are insured and equipped with relevant qualifications to undertake any rendering work.

Why Seek Our Acrylic Render Services?

The primary purpose of using acrylic render is to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. However, the vital feature that makes it a popular choice is that it can resist cracking. You can also apply it over cement render. It provides an ideal option for cost-saving if you require more than one layer of render.

If you choose our acrylic rendering, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Adds above 20 years of life to your walls.
  • Increases the beauty and value of your property.
  • Helps to resist cracking.
  • Saves cost on your utility bills by providing better insulation.
  • Improves protection from different elements.
  • Comes in a wide range of colours and patterns.
  • Restores your old or aging home.
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Vicrender provide acrylic render on brickwork and are also a leading cement render service provider in Melbourne. For more information on our world-class acrylic rendering services, please contact Vicrender on 0413 301 016 or [email protected] .


Acrylic render is a thin-coat, wet render that uses acrylic – a type of plastic in the mix. It is available in ready to use form and used as a decorative finish. We offer acrylic render in various grain sizes to give a unique look to your wall. A larger grain size provides more apparent texture to your wall even from a distance. However, it depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a smoother wall surface, you can go for smaller grain size.

Our acrylic render is popular because of its long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing properties. It also forms a solid protective barrier over your external wall insulation system.

Both cement render and acrylic render have pros and cons. Acrylic render lasts longer than cement render. It is more durable with less likely to crack after application. In addition, it dries faster than cement rendering. However, cement render is less expensive and easier to apply than acrylic render. It can be prepared onsite, whereas acrylic render is available in ready to use form.

If you want to render on the interior wall of your property, acrylic is an ideal option because of its versatility. It allows you to create a stunning wall with a little colour and texture that you will love to showcase. We use unique methods of application to change the visual appeal of your room completely.

Yes, you can put paint over acrylic render. At Vicrender, our acrylic render specialist knows how to tint your render so that it matches your paint colour. If you request, we can do it for you. It will give you the expected result, and you may not have to apply a second coat. Moreover, paint application can complement your rendered wall with an extra layer of style and protection. You can contact our expert to find out more.

Generally, acrylic render is a little more costly than cement render. Though various factors contribute to its cost, still it is worth selecting the product. If you hire rendering contractors to do your work, most of your project’s cost may come from labour charges than the product itself. But, at Vicrender, we can ensure that we offer our rendering services at a highly reasonable cost.

Acrylic render is a product that is easier to mix and use. It is known for its versatility. This also contributes to its higher cost. You can apply it on both the inside and outside walls of your property. The primary benefit of acrylic rendering is that it can stick to almost all surfaces, unlike cement and concrete rendering. Acrylic can easily adhere to cement, painted walls, fibre, and concrete, making it versatile.

You may think its cost to be a bit of a drawback, but if you see its advantages, you will find it worthy of its cost. You will not have to reapply acrylic anytime soon. In addition, it is flexible enough to last long, contributing to its durability.

Acrylic render is extremely easy to apply because it’s available in ready to use form. You can roll, trowel and even spray onto a surface. You can avail of it in various colour ranges and choose the one that best suits your interest. Moreover, it dries quickly without any cracking risk.

How our expert applies acrylic renders depend on the product type that is being used. Some acrylic renders work best when trowelled onto the wall surface, whereas others require rolling to achieve the desired outcome.

Hence, you can apply acrylic render in different ways to get an attractive finish on the various rendered surface. For example, an acrylic finish can get you a smooth texture like concrete or, alternatively, a completely different texture that is rough or not smooth. In addition, it can be applied to a range of surfaces, like painted walls, timber, concrete, fibre cement and many more, unlike traditional renders.

Acrylic renders are the most versatile types of rendering that can easily be used and adapted to suit your specific taste. They are available in ready to use the form to make your application task hassle-free. You can apply it to your wall surface and leave it as such. It dries out fast, and there is no risk of cracking. In addition, you can choose suitable colour to express your style.

You can paint it to give your wall another protective layer. You will have to ensure that render is dry before you apply paint to avoid trapping moisture inside. Contact us to learn more about the use of acrylic render.