Acrylic Render Vs Cement Render

Acrylic Texture Coat Render

Vicrender is a brand name, famous for providing affordable Acrylic rendering solutions in Melbourne to residential and business properties. We have been known as a leading acrylic texture coat render in the city of Melbourne for over 20 years.

Our high-quality acrylic coat render services are unique and high on demand in the city of Melbourne because we adopt a strategy where we utilise our solid experience, creativity, and expertise along with the modern upcoming technology to satisfy our client’s expectations.

Acrylic Render On Brickwork

Our acrylic renders on brickwork service is not only exclusive but also affordable. Our job as an exclusive acrylic texture coat render is to use the technology to create a modified version of sand and cement mixed with polymers and additives, which gives more durability and superior flexibility to cement sheets, brickworks, blockwork walls, and polystyrene cladding.

We never compromise on the quality of the product. This is the main reason why we are flourishing with each passing day in the world of Acrylic rendering services in Melbourne, where other companies are struggling hard to take a breath for their survival.

Acrylic Render vs Cement Render: Residential and Commercial Rendering Services in Melbourne

Acrylic Render vs Cement Render: Vicrender work with different types of clients. Some of them prefer sand and cement render to have a traditional look on their walls, whereas some prefer acrylic rendering services to give trendy look to their properties.

We have taken care to satisfy both the interest of our client’s in the best way possible. We have catered a wide range of projects in both of these areas, and today we have emerged as a leading acrylic and cement render in the city of Melbourne.

If you are searching for quality rendering services and not sure which type of render is most suitable for your purpose, we can provide you with guidelines as acrylic render vs cement render, which will also prove why we are unique:

  • It’s a general view that acrylic render is a lot more expensive than cement render, but we are experts in this field also. Vicrender follows a certain business strategy to provide acrylic render also at an affordable price.
  • Acrylic render is more flexible and durable than cement renders, but we have successfully satisfied our client’s interest in this field also by applying our time-tested skills, where we have shown our ability to provide flexible and durable finishes to cement render projects also.
  • As far as design is concerned, the history of our service shows that we have satisfied our clients in both acrylic render vs cement render services by working on an array of designs as per their taste choice within an affordable price range.

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Vicrender provide acrylic render on brickwork and are also a leading cement render service provider in Melbourne. For more information on our world-class acrylic rendering services, please contact Vicrender on 0413 301 016 or [email protected] .