Lightweight wall cladding

Lightweight wall cladding

In this day and age people are constantly trying to push the boundaries with design and architecture, with canter levered and inset first floor walls that need a lightweight building product like EPS / polystyrene is a must.


This lightweight cladding system has amazing insulation properties and is more robust than you might think! With space being limited these days when renovating quite often people are finding they need to go up instead of out and that is where this product shines.


Uou can save money as there is no need for big costly steel beams to support heavy brickwork and the lightweight nature of this product is not only easy to Install but the insullation rates can be better than brick!


The alternative used can be cement sheet / blueboard but Lightweight wall cladding systems are heavier to install and even if you follow all the proper installation requirements the joints still move and crack as the joint is limited by the thickness of the sheet (typically 7.5mm).


whereas polystyrene has a joint anywhere from 50-100mm in standard applications leaving you with a greater surface area that is glued together, also the insullation rate of blueboard is no where near polystyrene cladding.


Hiring a qualified installer is a must as there are many cheap lightweight wall cladding installers out there installing low quality polystyrene and not using the correct screws and washers leading to problems in the future.


in my opinion using pre-coated styrene is not the correct way to be using this system as just meshing the joints and patching the screws is like putting a band aid on the sheets, common sense would tell me that coating and meshing the jobs as a whole is a far superior way of using the polystyrene cladding system and that is the only way we install our lightweight wall cladding systems!


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